The Game of Worm

Worm Java Applet


Curr = Current Score: Your current score starts accumulating as soon as you eat a green munchie. The longer you live the faster you score accumulates.

Last = Last Game's Score: Try to beat your last score.

High = Your Highest Score So Far: Try to beat your high score. Reloading the applet resets all the scores.


Turn on your speakers—this game has sound effects!

How to play

Press any key or click on the applet to start the game. The Start button changes to a Pause and then Resume button. Use it to stop and start play. You can also use the ESC key to pause a game.

To control the worm use either the mouse to click ahead and to the side of the blue worm to change its direction. You may also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to change the worm's direction.

Avoid crashing into the wall or another worm, even your own. When you crash, the segment that you crash into is colored red and the game stops. Restart the game as detailed above.


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